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Our Structured Framework Behind Successful Clients' Analytics Transformation

What is the
WDO Immersion?

The WDO (“We Do”) Immersion is an intensive, 7-day, structured set of Workshops designed to help companies create a successful analytics strategy and align their vision with right list of user stories for your Minimum Viable Product.

A Wisdom Driven Organisation (WDO) is an organisation which embeds analytics, data and reasoning transversally within the company in order to have the ability to use insight to facilitate informed decision-making and drive greater business impact.

How does it work

AS-IS Assessment
In the first step of our journey to your product, we focus on your vision. This is where we thoroughly assess the state of the art of the company at the data level and evaluate which are the weaknesses of the company that can be solved through advanced analytics. Our goal will be to collect as much information as possible about the company, the sector and main competitors to have a complete picture of the company's AS-IS.

Output: A
S-IS Business Assessment
Immersive Sessions
Once we have evaluated the current situation of the company, we delve into the weak points and design different strategies that can help solve those problems. This is where different ideas will begin to emerge that through technology and data can be shaped into future products. It is important that this immersion process is creative and that different interlocutors from various areas of the company participate so that as many ideas as possible to assess arise.

Output: Analytics Use Case list
Use Case Priorization
Now we have different solution services that will directly impact your analytics transformation. Deciding what initiative(s) to carry out depends on your current analytics maturity and your immediate challenge to launch or scale analytics in your organisation.

It will be necessary to evaluate and prioritize the different analytical use cases based on three dimensions: impact, difficulty, and effort.

Product Roadmap

Key Benefits

Immersive Approach

After several intensive work sessions where we involve the main stakeholders of the company, we try to reach the maximum level of knowledge and detail of the company with the sole objective of adapting to the maximum our product value proposition.

Risk Mitigation

The product market fit is essential for us. We don't want to develop something that the market doesn't want. Develop the Minimum Viable Product that allows you to maximize quick-wins and expected return. No long implementations and developments that do not add value to the company.

Reduce Cost

By focusing on the core features of your new Product, we eliminate excess development costs and risk of taking large investments in new technology.

Trust Partnership

Get to know us before committing to the full project. We want to make sure that we are the right choice for you. Having a good understanding is essential for a project to be a success.

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