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Scale-Up Adoption

Grow your business with a Fully Integrated Modular solution

What Is The

Scale-Up Adoption?

We refer to modularity software as the decomposition of a program into smaller modules, a.k.a. microservices. Imagine that you to add additional product features or maybe you want to scale up the number of users.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

There are many reasons to invest in software modularity, but it’s basically about being fast and flexible. We work with the continuous release of new features, while maintaining quality and not putting product reliability at risk.

How does it work

Clarify customer needs
When we reach this stage it is essential that all the people involved in the project are aligned. It is not a matter of scaling a product, but of finding the best version of that product. For this, it is necessary to make an assessment of the starting point, both technically and at functional level, and clearly define the scope of the project.
This is the process of dividing our whole solution into smaller subtasks with each step to be performed. Following the "Single Responsability Principle", a module is an abstraction with purpose, a single and an exclusive responsibility. No two modules’ purpose should overlap.
Composability is the ability to combine modules, which refers to the ability to understand a composite system by interstanding its components and how they are combined. With this approach we make sure to eliminate redundancies and possible overlaps between modules, thus allowing them to be combined together.
Architecture Feasibility
Once the components, tasks and functionalities that will address each of the modules of the solution have been defined, it is necessary to define and assess the feasibility of building a robust and reliable architecture.
All modules must be perfectly integrated, eliminating dependencies and maximizing the performance of the complete solution.
After our product is fully designed and approved we start the implementation phase. During this phase we divide our development in sprints following Agile methodologies, so we can test them during the process.
Dry Run & Go
Finally, we deliver our Product to different users and stakeholders so that they can test it, while we are in constant contact to fix major bugs and make sure our MVP is ready to go to market.
Continuous maintenance can be also provided.

Key Benefits

Higher, Further, Faster

Modules allow us to climb higher, go further and build faster. Without modules, complexity will destroy your productivity. The goals of modularization is always to decrease complexity and increase clarity and performance.

Managing software complexity

Understandability, refactorability, reusability, testability,... All of these concepts could clearly be identified as benefits of a modular solution.
By reducing the inter-dependency between system modules, we reduce the complexity of the software while facilitating its scaling and continuous improvement.

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