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MVP Builder

Go to market quickly with a high-quality Minimum Viable Product.

What Is The
MVP Builder?

Following a structured process based on timing and budget, we build your MVP following Agile methodologies. Hand in hand with our WDO Immersion conclusions, we designed an MVP that focuses on the most important features of the product to meet the analytical needs of your company.

Our sole objective will be to develop, launch and test the main assumptions of the product so that your business can grow as soon as possible. We aim to achieve Functionality, Reliability, Usability and Design.

How does it work

Market Research
It is essential for us to know which are the most important players and similar products within the sector, the maturity both in terms of data and analytics of our potential clients, as well as the limitations that we could face in the future.
WDO Immersion
Hand in hand with our market research, we carry out an assessment launching different interviews and workshops with some of the main stakeholders of the company. Thanks to these Analytics Workshops, we are able to list a wide range of Analytics Use Cases that can be addressed, quick-wins as well as its priorization.
Product Market fit
We align our value proposition with the needs of our client. We manage to bring together the following three points: 1. We have a product that solves a problem. 2. We have a client that needs to solve that problem and is willing to invest in our product. 3. We are within a market that is open and wide enough to penetrate and make our product grow.
Key Features Definition
Once the scope is defined, together with the main business development areas of our client, we begin to design and prioritize the key features, metrics and design to be developed for our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
After our product is fully designed and approved we start the implementation phase. During this phase we divide our development in sprints following Agile methodologies, so we can test ir during the process.
Dry Run & Go
Finally, we deliver our MVP to different users and stakeholders so that they can test their new product, while we are in constant contact to fix major bugs and make sure our MVP is ready to go to market.

Key Benefits

Risk Mitigation

Product market fit is essential for us. We don't want to develop something that the market doesn't want. Develop the Minimum Viable Product that allows you to maximize quick-wins and expected return. No long implementations and developments that do not add value to the company.

Reduced Cost

By focusing on the core features of your new Product, we eliminate excess development costs and risk of taking large investments in new technology.
We are very exhaustive when estimating and communicating the costs and minimum investment necessary to face your new MVP.

Time to Market

While the definition of time to market (T2M) can vary depending on the company and product complexity, we dedicate the necessary resources so that your new MVP is quickly translated into a competitive advantage in the market.


Managing the collective expectations of a large organization going through change can be a difficult task. That is why we prefer to focus on quick business viability of the solution, less upfront investment requiere, fast feedback and continual learning and improvement.

Compliance By Default


General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)​

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Continuous integration and Continuous Deployment

End-to-end encryption (if needed)

Data backup and versioning configuration

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