What Is Realish?

REALISH, aims to be a Product for Realtors providing real-time visualization of massive untapped data and a deep understanding of current market trends in order to improve daily operations through data-driven decision making.


1. Massive untapped data

Many businesses own massive undervalued and underutilized data,
resulting in untapped potential. Decision-making is currently based on experience, without a clear understanding of what is happening within our company and without the possibility of acting based on objective data.

It is crucial for real estate companies to start treating data as an asset and not just as a back-office matter. It is time to put aside the mentality that our data providers are the only ones capable of exploiting that information. Realtors must start leaning on technology that gives intelligence to all that data.

2. Lack of real-time market
performance analysis

Static, monthly reports from third-parties, which offer an outdated status of what is happening, are generally Realtors only source of information. There are functional barriers that prevent them from having information in real-time, as well as technical barriers that limit their ability to collect, process and present all that information in an intuitive, visual and actionable way.  Realtors do not know what is happening in the market right now, how listings are doing, competitors performance, benchmarking, properties and fashionable areas, etc. meaningful insights for the correct performance of their daily operations.


Intelligence to Empowering Realtors

Focused on advanced data-based analysis of the real estate market, as well as different Listing Service (MLS) performance, real estate groups and agencies.

Realish is not an ACM, or a product based on the valuation of real estate assets or properties. Realish focuses on intelligence as a lever to activate real estate data, where you can address competitive benchmarking, discover main trends and emerging areas, as well as the distribution of shared fees or property density, among other insights.

Key Benefits of Nodedge's

Data-driven culture

Embracing the use of data in decision making, treating data as a strategic asset of the company and replacing old gutd feelings with decisions based on data-derived facts.

Democratization of advanced analytics

To unlock your data's full potential and helping to bridge the technology and business application gap. Democratization of advanced analytics is about increasing the accessibility of sophisticated analytical capabilities by putting the power of these methods into the hands of the business users.

Real-time actionable information

24/7 real-time access to all the information of your association, franchise or real estate group, at a grouped level and with minimal granularity.

Leading-edge visualization of data

Realish is a dream come true for any business that wants to visualize data in a fast, efficient, accurate manner. It all comes from the need to delve into detail in each of the data, providing plethora of visualization and filtering options that allows to deep dive in user's analysis.

Unlimited data source integration

Realish integrates with different information sources, CRMs, APIs and databases that aims to erase any kind of functional or technical barrier of our clients.

How We Did It

December 2019
Market Research
When we decided to embark on this project we had one thing clear. We wanted to develop a Product for Realtors.
It was essential for us to know which were the most important players and proptechs within the sector, the maturity both in terms of data and analytics of our potential clients, as well as the limitations that we could face in the future.
December 2019
February 2020
WDO Immersion
Hand in hand with our market research, we carried out an assessment of the main players in the market and launched different interviews and workshops with some of the main executives of the companies.
Thanks to these Analytics Workshops, we were able to list a wide range of Analytics Use Cases that could be addressed, where the achievement of quick-wins was our main driver to prioritize.
February 2020
April 2020
Product Market fit
We aligned our value proposition with the needs of several potential clients. We managed to bring together the following three points:

1. We had a product that solved a problem.
2. We had a client that needed to solve that problem and was willing to invest in our product.
3. And a market that was open and wide enough to penetrate and make our product grow.
April 2020
July 2020
Key Features Definition
Once the scope is defined, together with the main business development areas of our clients, we began to design and prioritize the key features, metrics and design to be developed in our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
July 2020
August 2020
After our product was fully designed and approved we start the implementation phase. All our efforts in recent months have been aimed at developing an innovative, powerful and robust product for our clients, where the aesthetics and user experience have been taken care of.
August 2020
November 2020
Dry Run & Go
Finally, once Realish was a reality, we gave access to different users and stakeholders so that they could test our product, while we were in constant contact to fix major bugs and make sure our MVP was ready to go to market.
November 2020

Snapshots of the in-depth Realish insights

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Rights: Access, rectification and deletion of data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.
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