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Innovation, Commitment and a Customer-Centric Approach.

Our Story

Only 15% of global  business decisions made by top executives and the main business areas are based on data, while the remaining 85% are purely based on instincts. Instincts that cost money, are wrong, and prevent companies from realizing their true potential.

We aim to develop Edge intelligent solutions for business. Thanks to this intelligence we are able to empower the different stakeholders of the companies by establishing a new culture that revolves around data in a transversal way across all different business areas. Nodedge aims to help companies by developing new edge products and solutions that allow them to have immediate access to their data, generate insights and wisdom, as well as recommendations, for objective and informed decision-making.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower business stakeholders with “actionable intelligence” for enterprise growth.

The future of Real-Time decision-making will be AI-driven based on Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

Working With Top Talent Always Pays Off

“Hybrid professionals” who possess both soft-skills, essential for business success, and tech skills which support innovation, in areas such as Advanced Data Analytics, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence.

Nodedge’s founding team has worked with Ibex 35 companies across various industries, where the high level of demand and constant performance has allowed us to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Understanding our client’s needs and desires is essential for our daily operations. We care about developing a product they will actually use.

Real Estate, Hospitality, Banking & Finance or Telecommunications, among other, are some of the industries where we have had the opportunity to work and gain experience throughout our professional career. We love adapting to new challenges and continuing to learn day after day.

We focus on a swiftly iterative one-after-the-other cycle which focal point is finding value, examining multiple data points speedily and in a more experimental fashion to find new interpretations and unexpected answers.

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